Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fancy joining the cast of Adam Dechanel's Jekyll & Hyde - Corpus Delicti

Fancy joining the cast of Jekyll and Hyde - Corpus Delicti?
Here's the character breakdown so contact: if you'd like to be considered!

Actor One:
Dr. Henry Jekyll / Student #1
Caucasian, playing age 25 – 35, clearly wrapped up in his scientific world. Kind hearted, has to be able to clearly display someone who has intense inner turmoil. 

Actor 2:
Mr. Edward Hyde
The opposite of Dr. Jekyll. Large frame, menacing, someone you’d cross to the other side of the road to avoid. Brutish and without remorse. Playing age not particularly important in this case. Open to all ethnic backgrounds. There might be the need to wear contact lenses for this role, so please take that into consideration when applying.

Actor 3:
Stephen / Student #3 / Mr. Gabriel John Utterson
Caucasian, playing age 25 – 35, main role of Utterson, the lawyer / friend of Jekyll, trying to get to the bottom of the ever-evolving mystery of Mr. Hyde and Jekyll’s relationship with him.

Actor 4: 
Sir George Carew / Inspector Trevor Willard
Caucasian, playing age of 40 – 50. Has a high opinion of himself as Sir George and clearly out of his depth at times as Haggis. Comedic timing important.

Actress 1:
Mrs. Hilda Poole / Gossiping Lady
Caucasian, playing age 30 – 40.
Poole: She is Queen of the household as Dr. Jekyll is not capable.
Lady: a curtain twitcher.

Actress 2:
Molly Enfield / Sarafina Accorsi / Student #3
Caucasian, playing age 25 – 30.
Molly: A gossipy / nosey cook. A 'daughter' to Mrs. Poole.
Carla: Seductive lounge-singer, who is sexy and clearly knows what she wants and how to get it.

Actress 3:
Mary Reilly / Tamzin The Hooker
Caucasian, playing age 25 – 30. 
Dainty, airy and sweet.
A carbon cut-out of Carla only a LOT cheaper. A superb voice though.

Actress 4:
Penelope Carew / Student #4
Caucasian, playing age 25 – 30.
Fiancé of Jekyll, down to earth, very much in love with him, and will go to the ends of the earth for him.

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