Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Jungle Book - An interview with actor Chuku Modu


Hey Chuku, who do you play on The Jungle Book?
I play the Bengal Tiger SHERE KHAN!

What attracted you to the show?
This was a totally different approach to the Disney musical. It's fresh and that gives me a challenge.

Who's your favourite character?
Has to be Mowgli, he goes through such a journey from boy to man in this adaptation.

Are you similar to him?
Well apart from the fact im 6'3 and hes around 5'8 I think I can call myself a modern day mowgi fo'sureeee!

Do you have a favourite line or scene?
My favourite scene for me has to be the ending fight scene - I can't give to much away but choreographing the scene with Simon our director Stacy our movement coach, Sam (Bageera) and Dimitri (Mowgi) has been an absolute ball. And also given me a few new battle scars!

What would you say to anyone who hasn't seen the show yet?
Its fun, colourful and an adventure. Its how I remember the books.

What are you up to when The Jungle Book ends?
I have a pretty cool feature film in the pipe line but other than that carry on with my training and see what pops up!

The Jungle Book runs Dec 3rd 2013 - Jan 5th 2014 at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London.
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