Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Jungle Book UK

This holiday season leave the cold and miserable weather behind for the exotic climate of the Indian jungles.
Discover what gave a young writer the inspiration to create the two volumes of the beloved Jungle Books over two hundred years ago.
By going back to Rudyard Kipling's original texts we're drawing inspiration from them to bring back characters long forgotten and scenes never seen since 1894. This immersive version will be a truly unique journey with new twists that goes further than any adaption before it.

The Lion & Unicorn theatre presents Mowgli's breathtaking story with stunning choreography and a specially created score to offer a completely new experience for fans young and old, no matter what version you grew up with.

Will Mowgli escape the many dangers of the jungle to find his place in this world or perish? Who are Jacala, Khan, the Bandar and Messua? What is the secret of the journal? All these secrets and more await you...
This is no longer just a story in a book. It's an unforgettable adventure for all the family!


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